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Since decades VITO has performed a methodological and applied Life Cyle Assessment (LCA) related research and Environmental Product Declarations (EPD) studies for a wide variety of products and processes both for industrial contractors as well as for policy makers. VITO has actively contributed to in the European normalisation committee CEN TC 350 (Sustainability of Construction Works) and to several PEF pilots for the European Commission, with great success.

Today the EN standard for LCA studies exists and governments implement requirements for EPD in their public procurement, buildings permits and for companies to communicate on sustainability. The LCA/EPD certification market that has been created can now be better served and developed by an independent company. Therefore VITO has founded ENPERAS to spin-off its LCA/EPD certification activities for the building material industry. ENPERAS will guarantee the continuity of the ongoing process as the VITO team will join the spin-off company. It will be led by Luc Plancke, current VITO business manager on LCA/EPD. Arthur De Jaegher and Hannah van Hees will continue their work as LCA experts from within ENPERAS.

ENPERAS offers the elaboration of EPD’s as a service that allows to communicate around the ecological footprint of a product. For building materials we do so according to differentiated methodologies to allow the specification and publication in national databases. ENPERAS will digitize the LCA/EPD consultancy market and offers a tailor made LCA software that allows cities an instant generation EPD results for their full product range without any modelling or the consultation of databases.  ENPERAS thrives for simplicity and offers single score ecological footprints to facilitate its interpretation for ecodesign, market communication and benchmarking.

The mission of ENPERAS is to streamline ecological profiling and to lower its barriers. To enpower industry with lifecycle knowledge and their environmental impacts, resulting in effective ecodesign that contributes to a more sustainable society.

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