BDO Digital

Organizations are digitizing a lot. BDO Digital takes a holistic approach to these transformations with an eye for processes and sustainable IT architectures. These changes are supported by a people-centered approach. The focus is on the creation of added value for the customer of the customer, and the realization of higher productivity and greater efficiency. The use of new methodologies and technologies such as Blockchain, IoT (Blockchain & IoT) API management, Process & Data Mining are the final piece in the approach.

For example, BDO Digital has been a partner of the NxtPort platform (NxtPort) from the very beginning as a leading example of a sector-wide data sharing platform. BDO Digital is also helping De Lijn realize the complex transformation towards further digitization. And BDO Digital is active in other sectors such as Supply Chain. For example, BDO Digital is guiding the standardization of the global systems of Manuchar, a global "trading, logistics and distribution" organization based in Antwerp.

BDO Digital has clients in various sectors. They are strongly committed to Project & Portfolio, Smart Supply Chain, Smart Operations & IT and Smart Mobility to guide and develop the current business challenges and digital transformation of the customer. BDO Digital was founded in 2007 and achieved a turnover of € 9 million in 2016 with around 50 consultants.

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