Kathleen manager C-mine Crib
23 November 2020

Kathleen Sterckx also manager at C-mine Crib


Kathleen Sterckx, current manager at IncubaThor, will also lead C-mine Crib in the coming period. She follows up Jasper Olaerts, who will take a new path from December.

In this way, both incubators in Genk will end up under the wings of Kathleen and this will enhance the opportunity to create even more cross-pollination between the incubators and their residents.


"I am very excited to be able to stimulate entrepreneurship on the other mining site in Genk and thus be able to match the companies from both Genk incubators in an efficient way", says Kathleen.


C-mine Crib will have an experienced manager with Kathleen who, together with the existing team - Elke Lathouwers & Debbie Drijkoningen - will provide the necessary continuity.

Team IncubaThor also remains fully operational under Kathleen's leadership.


"For us, not much will change. We remain an energetic and enthusiastic team. We wish Kathleen every success with this challenge!", said Ulrieke & Dorien.