In 2018 and 2019, two European Union directives provided the opportunity to produce, sell and share energy locally with your neighbors.
Local production prevents unavoidable losses that do occur in the traditional energy sector. On average, about 1.45% (Elia 2020) of the energy produced is lost in its transport and 3.03% (Sibelga 2020) in its distribution. Joining an energy community is therefore a first step towards consuming less and better.

WeSmart started working on energy communities in 2018 with the goal of being a socially and environmentally positive company. They help create an energy community that best suits the customer, without extra work and ensuring saving money. For example, WeSmart offers services to gather participants for the customer's community and to have economically compatible production and consumption profiles.
WeSmart has also developed a digital platform to enable the customer to easily manage his her energy community. This allows you as a customer to monitor your production and energy consumption, benefit from recommendations on the best consumption and receive the energy bill at unbeatable prices!

For example, WeSmart's first energy community at Greenbizz Brussels will allow participants to save 10% on their energy bill and reduce their CO² emissions by 1.98 tons!

Are you curious about more? Are you willing to lower your energy bill while protecting the environment?

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