Thor Park


Thor Park in Genk, covering 89 hectares, is a global redevelopment project on the former mining site of Waterschei (Genk). Thor Park in Genk is a business, science and technology site that has the ambition to become the competence center with regard to smart and sustainable innovation.

Thor Park's activities are focused on three areas:

  • Energy transition
  • Smart manufacturing industry (production)
  • Smart city applications

Thor Park unites EnergyVille, IncubaThor, T2-campus, Thor Central and Smart Manufacturing Campus.

Thor Park wants to actively contribute to shaping the smart world of tomorrow by bridging the gap between ideas and valorisation. We do this by reducing barriers and providing access to a mix of specialized infrastructure, knowledge, partners and network such as:

  • Buildings per focus domain (EnergyVille, Smart Manufacturing Campus)
  • Specialized equipment (Tech shop, AR / VR / IR, new energy building)
  • Lab facilities (Battery lab, electrochemical lab, PV metrology lab, Smart grid lab, etc.)
  • Specialized areas (production, storage, testing, lab and offices)
  • Financing (LRM, Industrya, Nuhma)
  • Partners (financial, research, knowledge, etc.)
  • Networking facilities (brasserie, restaurant, terrace, auditorium, conference and party room, etc.)