At IncubaThor you get more than business space. We offer you a package of office space, communal facilities, services and an interesting community - all in an inspiring environment! You focus on your core business, we provide the right framework.

Flexible offices


From satellite office to closed office space: IncubaThor is the ideal base for starters, ambitious growth companies and everything in between. With our Coworking Space and a wide variety of office units, you will always find the suitable workplace for your company at IncubaThor.

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Professional setting


You don't have to look far for your brainstorming sessions, workshops or meetings. The companies at IncubaThor can book one of our meeting rooms at the reception.

Our Bar Thoriste is the place to meet informally, to have lunch or to treat for your birthday.

Unburdening from A to Z


IncubaThor provides the best possible framework, so that you as a company can focus on what really matters: running your company.

For example, our reception staff ensure the professional guidance of your visitors, the distribution of the mail and the handling of minor administrative tasks.

All building-related services are also provided by IncubaThor. For example, we do not charge the regular utilities, cleaning service, waste collection, etc. to the companies.

In addition, IncubaThor also supports companies through its extensive partner network with business services: finance, subsidies, insurance, legal issues, HR ... Our experts are happy to help you!

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Our residents are a healthy mix of starters and growers. In addition, various sectors have been united that reinforce and reinforce each other. This regularly creates interesting collaborations. To stimulate the community, IncubaThor also organizes events for residents and keeps them informed of all possible interesting activities and events.

Companies at IncubaThor are also part of the Limburg Startup community, LRM and the Limburg incubator network. Within this umbrella community, they know better than anyone that every start-up needs a good sounding board.

Meet our residents

Thor Park, our campus


The companies at IncubaThor can make full use of the facilities, knowledge, talents and network of Thor Park. Thor Park is not an industrial estate, it is a campus where research and development (EnergyVille), education and talent development (T2 Campus) and entrepreneurship (IncubaThor) go hand in hand.

In addition to a high-quality technology park, Thor Park is also an inspiring and green environment: a walk or a picnic at midday? It's all possible at Thor Park!

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Low-regulation zone


Thor Park is recognized as a low-regulation zone for energy. The big advantage of this recognition - the first in Flanders - is that the various science and energy institutions can operate at Thor Park without the administrative procedures for supplier permits. It is EnergyVille that will be the first to ensure that energy can be exchanged between the different buildings on the site.

As a young entrepreneur, start-up or scale-up company at IncubaThor, the low-regulation zone at Thor Park provides new opportunities and collaborations. Talk about an ideal living lab and growth environment!

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Research and development


EnergyVille unites the research institutions KULeuven, VITO, imec and UHasselt and conducts research into sustainable energy and intelligent energy systems.

Residents at IncubaThor enjoy a reduced rate for the use of studio spaces and laboratories. They can also use the knowledge at EnergyVille for their own projects and are the first to be informed of the latest developments at EnergyVille.

Education and talent development


T2 campus is a technology and talent campus where students, job seekers and employees are immersed in the world of technology and innovation. You can go there for training in four domains: Electrical (electronics, electricity, maintenance), ICT (ICT, gaming, design & 3D), New Energy (energy, heating & cooling) and New Materials (metal, construction).

As an entrepreneur you are always looking for talent. That is why the range of courses on the T2 campus is partly shaped by the interaction with the companies on the site. For example, the companies at Thor Park can count on the outflow of highly educated, technical and technologically skilled employees.

More info about T2 campus

Thor Central

Thor Central is the monumental main building and literally forms the connection between the mining past and the new activity. Where the building used to be the focal point, Thor Central now also functions as the meeting place for technological interaction between people, companies and research institutions.

Bringing together and connecting are central to this business and event center: the ideal backdrop for all your meetings, incentives, conferences and events (MICE).

You can also visit Brasserie Lampada and Restaurant Partaasch at Thor Central for a business lunch, dinner or a cozy dinner among colleagues.

Thor Central even houses the Familia daycare center where employees can drop off and pick up their babies and toddlers.

More info about Thor Central

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