In order to provide you with optimal support, you can count on an interesting network of experts at IncubaThor.

The experts from our partner network are always available to our companies at IncubaThor. For example, you can contact one of our experts for all your questions about subsidies, HR, legal issues, ... Our partners not only assist you with first-line advice and coaching, they also regularly organize workshops to inform you and to educate you certain topics.

Limburg Startup

The number of startups is rising sharply and from all over the country they come to see the vibes in the various incubators. To keep all those vibes on the right track, there is Limburg Startup (LSU).

Limburg Startup is an open platform, a first-class start-up community, supported and developed by enterprising Limburg with the aim of connecting existing start-up initiatives, strengthening start-ups and accelerating their growth processes.

Growing from an incubator?

Follow-up by our program managers
Launching your start-up from a Limburg incubator means that you grow faster. Not only do your fellow entrepreneurs motivate you, LSU also ensures an efficient follow-up by means of a specially developed tool: the Innovatrix (in collaboration with Imec). This tool not only charts your progress, it also perfectly detects where you need follow-up. Respond quickly and switch quickly, only then can you gain ground and grow. And that is exactly what we are aiming for. GO!

Matchmaking: national and international
Choosing an incubator means choosing a large network: we connect you with relevant parties nationally and internationally. The Euregion is well known to us, as are attractive start-up regions such as NY and San Francisco. The world is really at your feet.

You don't grow alone. You need help and support and we are happy to take care. With a strong network of relevant partners, we guide you to the right party. They help you move forward and assist you. You wonder who? Find our exclusive partners and official suppliers below! 


   Exclusive partners   

SD Worx


Are you innovative?

  • Withholding tax discount
  • R&D

Recruiting in the "War for Talent"?

  • Bonus plan and profit premiums
  • Cafeteria plan
  • Payroll
  • Alternative pay
  • Stock options & warrants

International ambitions?

  • Foreign payroll

SD Worx Staffing Solutions

Recruiting in the "War for Talent"?

  • Search and find the right personnel


Are you innovative?

  • Brands, patents, designs, domains, etc.
  • Research existing IP (trademarks, patents, ...)

Structuring and protecting IP?

  • Audit and Due Diligence of IP
  • I-depot and copyrights
  • IP contracting (license agreement, terms & conditions, etc.)
  • Trademarks, patents, designs, domain names, etc.
  • Investigate existing IP (trademarks, patents, etc.)

IP reporting?

  • Digital platform for management IPExpertise reports
  • Landscaping and Market Analysis (R&D)

POM Limburg

POM Limburg accelerates and stimulates the Limburg economy by setting up regional- or sectorrelated consultation and action platforms - including in the smart manufacturing economy and energy. Targeted actions and (leverage)projects result from this. POM Limburg is always looking for Limburg companies with suggestions or who want to participate in a leverage project to accelerate the Limburg economy.



Do you want to invest?

  • Financing

Start it @KBC

Are you innovative?

  • Acceleration


  • Accountancy
  • Fiscal advice
  • Legal advice
  • Management advice
  • Tax returns
  • Business advice

Agentschap Innoveren & Ondernemen

Are you innovative?

  • H2020
  • VLAIO Research project
  • VLAIO Development project
  • Acceleration

Do you want to invest?

  • Strategic Transformation Support

Recruiting in the "War for Talent"?

  • SME Portfolio
  • SME Growth subsidy
  • European Social Fund

Work energy and environmentally conscious?

  • Ecology premium
  • Premiums for non-residential buildings
  • Grants for ecological and safe transport

International ambitions?

  • Flanders Investment & Trade (FIT)

   Official suppliers