MENTHOR gives companies control over their technical asset


MENTHOR - Single point of contact for all technical projects:

MENTHOR is an engineering firm that guides industrial companies in setting up their technical organizations and takes the lead in realizing their technical projects. To provide maximum service, as a single point of contact, MENTHOR operates with 3 specialized divisions. These divisions are THOR Engineering, THOR Maintenance and THOR Safety. Together they cover most of the technical needs. MENTHOR developed its own model with which technical projects can be realized quickly, transparently and efficiently.

THOR-Maintenance - Asset Management according to the rules of the art:
THOR-Maintenance is MENTHOR's specialized branch for Asset Management, with a wide range of services and tools. A maintenance manager tries to organize himself in such a way that he can achieve the maximum with his limited resources in the areas of: maintenance program, spare parts management, technical document management, optimizing CMMS software, management of skills and competences, work preparation & planning, risk control, safety, legal obligations, history building, budget management, machine reliability and service life,…. THOR-Maintenance is a valuable partner who helps to set up and secure the business processes in the organization.

THOR-Safety - Safety-Engineering is making dangers visible:
Usually machines are perfectly safe for the production process for which they are intended. However, it often goes wrong when other tasks have to be performed on those machines, such as maintenance, overhauls, cleaning, calibration,…. In most cases, this is not considered proactively and dangerous situations arise in this way. Especially when multiple actions have to be performed together. THOR-Safety is an experienced partner who can contribute to a safe and ergonomic working environment with its wide range of experience, techniques and tools.

THOR-Engineering - Engineering projects from A to Z +:
THOR-Engineering is MENTHOR's specialized branch for Engineering, with a wide range of engineering disciplines. In addition, MENTHOR is a champion of the Co-Creation principle and for that reason works very closely with a large group of specialized partners. The Co-Creation principle makes it possible to offer total engineering packages of a very high level with maximum care for the customer.
MENTHOR houses the specialists in the field of Maintenance, Safety and Engineering under one roof. This unique combination makes it possible to design well thought-out installations that are "safe" and "easy to maintain". In addition, the delivered file is also optimally prepared for transfer to the responsible maintenance and safety department. Just think of CE certification, workstation files, maintenance programs, lubrication programs, (critical) exchange parts,… etc.!