Madolex is a technical service provider specialized in manufacturing companies in various industries such as food, beverage, metal, plastic, automotive and printing. Madolex objective for these companies is to achieve optimal production efficiency so that the " manufacturing industry " is preserved in its own region.

To achieve this objective, Madolex develop the FactoryWatch® improvement program. This is a unique and collective improvement program of all Madolex companies with specializations focused on process and business optimization.

On the basis of data measurement and analysis FactoryWatch® makes maintenance-and production processes transparent. Concrete and practical recommendations and projects for improvement then ensure higher production output and thereby increased operating efficiency.

Madolex also offers technicians and engineers on a temporary basis for a flexible support of maintenance departments of companies. Madolex Belgium is located in Genk and Geel and part of the Madolex-Group with several companies in the Netherlands, Germany and the Czech Republic.

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