Continu Professionals

As a specialist in recruiting, Continu Professionals ensures that professionals in Construction & infrastructure, Engineering & R&D, Technology & Production and Social housing not only get a (new) job, but also a real career. Continu Professionals offers opportunities within both the private and public sectors.
They do this by making the right match between employer and employee when you are looking for a new job. And by offering support when you are already in the right place. Even then they stand by you.
Continu Professionals gives you that kind of support. Your field of activity is their field of activity. Continu Professionals is everywhere at home and knows everyone. So whether or not you are looking for a new job, it doesn't matter. Your career deserves attention every day. Work on this together with Continu Professionals.

Continu Professionals was originally founded in the Netherlands in 1995. In 2016 the step was made to Belgium. From their Dutch offices in Maastricht, Eindhoven and Breda, however, they have been working with various employers for some time, particularly in the border area of ​​Flanders with the Netherlands. Think of Kumpen, Renotec, B&R Bouwgroep, Spranco, Van Roey and Van de Kreeke. Due to the easily bridged travel distance for candidates from this area, employee profiles can easily choose their employer in Belgium or the Netherlands. However, from the new Belgian recruitment office in Genk, they are even better able to serve the Belgian labor market.

Curious what Continu Professionals can mean for you as an employer or employee? Then contact us!

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